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  • I had a second machine for Mr. Dimo to repair. As expected, he did a great job. Professional and friendly with good conversation. He made sure the machine was the way it should be and went the extra mile for my repair. I would definitely use him again for services. A+

    Gregory Vugrinovich
  • Have a Incanto S class 17 yr old Saeco. Great service, fairly priced and even purchased some Italian Expresso from Dimo. Tasty, tasty! And he is local.

    Jim Gordon
  • Pavlli did a great job of repairing my Elektra microcasa machine . He is also a pleasure to work with and charges a very fair price. Highly recommended.

    Richard Cirillo
  • Pavilion did a outstanding job of repairing my Magic de lux machine replacing the printer board the machine works like new

    Peter loyd
  • I highly recommend Mr. Dimo. I own a Pasquini Livia 90S, which I purchased in 2012. The machine was in terrible shape, no “service” in all those years. It needed to be repaired. I contacted Pasquini service department in Los Angeles and was ready to send the machine to them. The shipping cost was $300 round trip, so I decided to find someone local. I searched many of the larger espresso companies. I could not find anyone that serviced Pasquini machines. After some in-depth sleuthing, I found Mr. Dimo. Reading his reviews on a couple of sites, I felt he was exactly the kind of repair person I was looking to repair my machine. Someone that knows how to work of a variety of different brands of espresso machines, a real espresso machine repairman. That is what he is! Dropped my machine off, two weeks later, it was done. The machine looked brand new. Got it home and I am very pleased. Making great shots!!! An old friend asked me if I bought a new machine!! Do not hesitate to employ Mr. Dimo for any repairs you may need.

    Jeff Kishman

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