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  • I highly recommend Mr. Dimo. I own a Pasquini Livia 90S, which I purchased in 2012. The machine was in terrible shape, no “service” in all those years. It needed to be repaired. I contacted Pasquini service department in Los Angeles and was ready to send the machine to them. The shipping cost was $300 round trip, so I decided to find someone local. I searched many of the larger espresso companies. I could not find anyone that serviced Pasquini machines. After some in-depth sleuthing, I found Mr. Dimo. Reading his reviews on a couple of sites, I felt he was exactly the kind of repair person I was looking to repair my machine. Someone that knows how to work of a variety of different brands of espresso machines, a real espresso machine repairman. That is what he is! Dropped my machine off, two weeks later, it was done. The machine looked brand new. Got it home and I am very pleased. Making great shots!!! An old friend asked me if I bought a new machine!! Do not hesitate to employ Mr. Dimo for any repairs you may need.

    Jeff Kishman
  • Not being aware of Dimo Espresso Service, l scoured the internet and you tube in an effort to diagnose the problems with my Breville Barista 870. Ordered parts, waited forever as they were on back order. When they finally arrived, took the machine apart only to discover the purchased parts looked nothing like the parts in the machine. Returned the parts, another pain in the butt, and resumed finding a reliable repair source.

    I discovered Pavli. Called him, explained the problems which most probably would require replacement parts and a lengthy delay. Living reasonably close by, he asked that the machine be dropped off and he would take a look…….

    One week later: Pavli called saying the machine was repaired and working like new. No replacement parts had been needed. He found the cause of the problem and fixed it, the cost being a mere fraction of what we thought it would be.

    Having expected that the repair would have cost much more, Pavli could have charged whatever but didn’t. In today’s world, Pavli showed himself to be something that is increasingly difficult to find……an honest man. Besides fixing my machine, it’s nice to know there are still a few
    “old schoolers” with honesty, integrity, and character.

    Stephen Bobonich
  • In our office, our Saeco Exprella Evo is a key member of our team!! Most of the 30 or so people that work here use it all the time. We recently had to find a way to get it repaired as it had a few key things go wrong that prevented it from working at all. We had once before used Dimo Espresso Services to replace a door hinge and were very happy with the result. This time the repairs were a bit more serious. I contacted Pavlli and he was very professional. We shipped the machine to him via UPS as we are not very close to him. He called very quickly and let me know what was wrong. Within a few days, we had the machine back and it is working perfectly once again. It was cleaner than the day we originally purchased it. I can’t say enough about the workmanship and professionalism. I would highly recommend him and we will continue to use his services in the future!

  • Pavlli did a wonderful job on our Delonghi machine that needed a replacement part. After fiddling around with customer service and troubleshooting on our own, they told us we could ship it to their service center in Illinois or receive 20% off a new machine (which wasn’t going to happen after spending so much only 3 years ago). Luckily after a quick Google search, we found Dimo Services only an hour drive away. He had it ready for pick up and like new only a week later! All for a very fair price. Now our mornings are much easier and we can put away the French Press and pour over carafe for another day. Thank you, Pavlli!

    Jennifer Scott
  • Pavlli repaired my Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti to like new. It required extensive repair; grinder, leakage & brew group. The total time required was only a week including shipping to from his shop. I couldn’t be happier with the service and valuable coffee making advice.


    David Farris

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