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  • Excellent service and very affordable. Well worth our two hour drive to his shop. Thank You Mr. Dimo.

    Don Wright
  • Our Saeco Royal is like a member our family. We have had several different brands of expresso makers over the years. When our Saeco Royal stopped grinding expresso beans ,we were devasted. Living in Pittsburgh we quickly found out that the closest Saeco authorized service dealer is in Cleveland. With in a week both our Saeco and me were off to Cleveland.

    Pavlli Dimo of Dimo Expresso Services, fixed our expresso machine while I waited. He also fixed me ensuring that I will not damaged this valuable machine in the future. No water in grinder (which I flatly deny, although it happened) and no oily coffee beans. I also bought some of his fantastic expresso beans.

    Pavlli is an outstanding technician, knows everything there is to know about expresso machines, a very warm and friendly human being, extends competitive pricing, and distributes some of the best expresso beans in the world. Yes, if and when we have another problem both my machine and I are off to Cleveland.

    Robert C. Harbage
  • We took our espresso machine into Pavili for service. He called me back after 2 days and said the machine was repaired. He fixed it and set it up so that it is making the best espresso it ever has. We use the espresso beans he sells and it tastes just like the espresso you get in Italy. To sum it up Pavlli offers excellent service with a quick turnaround time at a fair price. His espresso beans are some of the best you can purchase in the US. We will be repeat customers in the future.

    Tim Lis
  • Thank you Pavlli Dimo!! You have made my life a lot happier and tastier! I have had my Saeco Royal Coffee Bar for about 14 years and between my husband and myself…we give this machine a real work out. I’m so spoiled by my Saeco it makes amazing coffee/espresso; I very seldom find a cup of coffee/espresso outside of my home that comes close in flavor. So… With that being said you can only imagine how upset I was when my machine quit working! With effort and research, I finally found Pavlli and I’m so happy I did. He has worked on my machine now twice. Both times I shipped my machine to him, he immediately contacted me upon receipt, with in 24 hours he gave me a diagnosis with cost (which was very reasonable). Best of all my machine was back within 3-4 days! Pavlli is so knowledgeable about his profession and fun to talk with. Thank you Pavilli for being a coffee machine magician!

    Lisa Staley
  • Pavli is a true professional and the most knowledgeable technician out there. My experience was as expected: fast, professional, and easy. Machine works like a charm and will 100% go back for future service.

    Ken Bittner

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