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  • I was given a Delonghi Magnifica with a broken frother. When I tried to use it I discovered that the machine would not make espresso either. The nearest certified Delonghi repair services were Chicago or Philadelphia. I did a local search and found Pavlli.
    He took the machine on a Saturday, told me it would be about a week. I picked it up on Tuesday! Not only did he fix both broken parts, he demonstrated how to use the frother.
    During the demonstration I asked where he buys espresso and I was surprised to learn he sells Italian espresso. You have to try it. It has a robust flavor that is much better than store bought, at a comparable price.
    I am really happy with the result, so I definitely recommend Pavlli for all things espresso.

    John Barrow
  • What a guy!!! The Best! If it is broke he will fix it. Came from Pittsburg and was ready to pitch the machine. Well, he not only fixed it, he didn’t want to charge us. An honest man. By the way I will not drink any coffee but his. This man is an experience. Honest, and knows his stuff.

    Kathi Vincent and Gary Vincent
  • We are so lucky in the Cleveland area to have an espresso-machine technician and expert! We had a Jura Impressa S9 that lasted (with a couple repairs we did ourselves) 13 years. When it recently stopped working and didn’t respond to a new thermal sensor and thermoblock cleaning, we originally thought we’d ship it to a repair outfit (Parts Guru in Pennsylvania) for diagnosis and fixing.

    Problem was that the safe packaging and shipping was going to be a hassle and expensive — and a real gamble (given the $250 service charge on top of safe shipping) if the machine CPU was ultimately to blame.

    So we called around our area and found Pavlli … loosely boxed our S9 and drove it out to Mentor (where Pavlli operates his business out of his home) and had him test it. Ultimately it was our S9’s CPU that failed (we think because of some brownouts and power surges in our neighborhood this spring) … Pavlli did not charge us for this diagnosis and sold us a new Saeco Royal super-automatic we wanted at a price that was lower than anywhere on the Internet. When we went to go get our new Saeco, Pavlli unboxed it with us and walked us through the initial programming … even making a couple sample espressos … and ensured we understood all of our new machine’s features and modes of operations before taking it home. What a delightful experience. Thank you, Pavlli.

    Elisabeth Eitel Young
  • Pavlli is a gem to work with! He is a straight shooter and gives you the honest truth. He took our 8 year old machine and brought it back to like new condition. After a very thorough cleaning, he found other problems that would soon have caused some major repair issues. He is very intelligent and gifted in his field so listen to him when he gives you suggestions on how to better care for your machine and the best operation procedures!

    And the coffee he sells… it is what takes espresso to the top with a creme that rocks! Buy some!!

    Roland Filbrun
  • Pavlli did an amazing job. Our espresso machine works and looks like new after the repair. Well done!


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