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Have you descaled your machine lately? It is the single, most important maintenance for all espresso machines.

What makes descaling a very important process?

Descaling is as important as changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles. It is a process that eliminates mineral build up inside your boiler and ensures the machine's better functionality and longevity. For normal household use, we recommend descaling at list once every three months, depending on hardness of your local water supply and the volume of use.

Any descaling product used with espresso machines should be citric based. Do not use vinegar or lemon juice as this will cause damage to the machine. Cleancaf, Cafiza, Bew Rite, Pulycaff, Joe Glow are products sold as descaler but they contain Baking soda only and totaly ineffective. Use only Saeco or any other brand approved URNEX Dezcal or new Saeco/Philips liquid descaler from a bottle.


Tip: to ensure that the descaling solution completely dissolves, mix 1 packet of descaling solution with 1 cup of water, stir until powder is completely dissolved and pour into the water tank. Then add 3 additional cups of water.

Very Important: Always complete the descaling process by flushing the machine with at least one full tank of clean water to remove the descaling chemical completely from the hydraulic (Water Line) system.


 What happens if the machine is not descaled regularly as it is required? 

No Descaling
This boiler was used only for 8 months, but never descaled. This picture clearly shows the end result when the descaling has been ignored and not performed on time as it is required.